jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2015

Make it rain

Here’s what you’ll need to “make it rain”:  glass jar, plate, water, and ice cubes.


Climates in the world

Did you notice there are so many types of climate in our planet? Click on the image and you'll read a lot of information about climates in the world.

Types of clouds

Perhaps you already know there are three types of clouds: Cirrus (wispy), Stratus (layered) and Cumulus (puffy). We have an idea: why not to do a simple, easy and inexpensive activity demonstrating the difference between the three types of clouds? 

Quizás ya sabes que hay tres tipos de nubes: cirros, estratos y cúmulos. Tenemos una idea: ¿por qué no hacer una actividad sencilla, fácil y barata para demostrar la diferencia entre los tres tipos de nubes?



These two pictures have been taken this afternoon. They are two different kind of clouds. Could you name them? Can you find any more clouds?. If so, send them by e-mail (atercias3@gmail.com) and we'll made an amazing album with them.

Estas dos fotos las hemos tomado esta tarde. Son dos clases de nubes diferentes. ¿Puedes ponerles nombre? ¿Puedes encontrar más nubes? Si es así, envíanos un e-mail (atercias3@gmail.com) y haremos un fantástico álbum con ellas.

                                         These clouds are named_______________________

                                         These clouds are named__________________